Harvard Avenue School tuition is based upon a full year’s operating expenses and consideration has been given to holidays and vacation periods

Tuition Rates (2018-2019) for all programs are as follows: (tuition rates typically increase by approximately 2-5% year over year)

$10,850/year ($1085/month) - 5 days/week (M-F)  Pre-Kindergarten

$5,250/year ($525/month) - 2 days/week
$7,350/year ($735/month) - 3 days/week
$11,150/year ($1115/month) - 5 days/week

Toddler / Jr. Pre-School / Waddler
$5,750/year ($575/month) - 2 days/week
$8,100/year ($810/month) - 3 days/week
$12,300/year ($1230/month) - 5 days/week

Administration/Supply Fee: $200.00 per each child, effective for students enrolling fall 2019 (waived if the entire year's tuition is paid in full in June)