Harvard Avenue School has developed out of our sincere love for children and our deep desire to offer the very best toddler, preschool and pre-kindergarten  education possible.

Harvard Avenue School seeks to provide an educational experience that combines loving care with social, emotional, academic, and artistic development.  A carefully balanced and supervised program has been designed for our students. Children experience individualized instruction, group learning experiences, art, dance, music, language, math, science, geography, and outdoor play.

Harvard Avenue School recognizes the special needs of parents to be assured of the best possible care for their young children. Our school offers a loving, safe environment that you can trust. The Harvard Avenue School is committed to providing your child with a rich and well-balanced education.

Harvard Avenue School has two locations in Seattle, one an historic Capitol Hill building located at 201 Harvard Avenue East and an urban farm-like campus in Madison Valley. To download our application and teacher recommendation forms click here. Please email admissions@HarvardAvenueSchool.com to arrange a parent tour.

The Students
Harvard Avenue School admits students based on order of application and teacher recommendation. Efforts are made to balance the sex of the children in the classroom.  Harvard Avenue School admits children of any race, color, nationality, religious or ethnic origin.

The Parents
Harvard Avenue School always has an open door policy with our families - you may enter the classroom at any time to check on or pick your child up. Parents of Harvard Avenue School students are welcome to sign up to volunteer in the classroom on an occasional basis. Appeals will be made if additional help is needed on any given day. Parents are also encouraged to contact the classroom teachers to get involved.

Harvard Avenue School Mission
To provide a quality educational Toddler, Preschool and Pre-kindergarten program designed to prepare the child for a lifetime love of learning.

Harvard Avenue School Philosophy
Harvard Avenue School's curriculum is designed to enhance the whole child and recognizes that each child has a unique process of development. Harvard Avenue School creates lessons that are appropriate for the individual development of each child. Our goal is to help fulfill the individual potential of every student. Harvard Avenue School believes that each child has a gift in their love of learning and their absorbent mind and works to develop each child's confidence, coordination, concentration and independence.

Harvard Avenue School Curriculum
Harvard Avenue School program is designed to foster the creativity and natural curiosity of each child. It provides excellent instruction and guidance in mathematics, language arts, science, geography, language, practical life (everyday living skills), sensory development, and art in a relaxed, fun environment.

Every effort has been made to make Harvard Avenue School a safe and secure environment for your child.  Entrance codes are changed regularly. A fence surrounds the playgrounds to assure that the children are not visible. Once the children have been accepted into our care, students will not leave the facility until collected from the teachers by an authorized guardian. We ask to be informed in writing if someone other than the normal parent or guardian will be picking your child up from school.

All children attending Harvard Avenue School must have proper medical immunization forms signed by a Doctor. These forms will be given to you at the time of acceptance to the school. Children will not be permitted to attend school until all forms are signed and returned. 

All children should have a change of clothing at school in case of mishap. All clothing should be marked with your child's name. Please furnish your child with a warm sweater or jacket each day as outdoor activities are part of our everyday schedule. Please take care to limit the amount of clothing left at school as there is limited space for the children's things.

The Harvard Avenue School provides nutritious snacks mid morning. Lunch is to be provided by the parents each day and brought to school in a lunch box. Sweets such as cakes, cookies, and candies are discouraged. Harvard Avenue School is not able to heat or chill foods.