Toddler and Jr. Preschool

We offer a Toddler Program at our Capitol Hill campus for children ages 21- 36 months as of fall of entry year and a Jr. Preschool Program at our Madison Valley campus for children ages 30-36 months as of fall of entry year. Parents may choose to enroll from 2-5 days a week.  There are up to fifteen children in each class with up to three teachers.

Harvard Avenue School opened it's first Jr. Preschool/Toddler program in Spring 2005. Our Madison Valley space was remodeled in the summer 2012, and we opened Toddler (and Waddler) classes at our Capitol Hill campus in the fall of 2017.  All of our classrooms are light, bright, cheery spaces with all of the materials  carefully selected to foster the social, emotional, and academic development of our youngest students. Our Toddler and Jr. Preschool spaces are charming environments in which children can play, explore, create, and learn! 

Our staff is highly trained and very experienced with this specific age group and develop fine and gross motor activities to keep the children thoroughly engaged. Child height tables, shelves, sinks, and materials make the children feel confident and happy so that parents can feel confident their child is safe and secure in their classroom.